Deposit, final payment and delivery

  • Upon receipt of the required deposit, a mutually suitable delivery date will be arranged. The delivery date will be confirmed as soon as the required deposit reflects with the Bank.
  • In the unlikely event of Incanda not being able to meet the delivery date as confirmed, the client will be informed in order to make alternative suitable arrangements.
  • Delivery will only take place once full payment is received, and until such time, items will remain the property of Incanda.

Furniture made to Client Specifications

  • We receive regular requests for custom-made furniture. These include standard items of Incanda furniture, made according to specific, non-standard measurements, or from a photo or catalogue.
  • We will endeavour to create the closest possible replica item by using the general dimensions supplied. If this product still does not replicate the exact look and feel that the customer envisaged, the item cannot be returned. This is part of the risk that the customer takes.

After-sales Service and Guarantee

  • Incanda is serious about providing excellent quality and after-sales service.
  • Although we are confident that if looked after properly, our furniture will last for many years, we cannot give a lifetime guarantee. Any item of furniture will deteriorate within a few years if not treated with care.
  • We enjoy a policy of open communication with clients. Clients are urged to immediately discuss any problems which may arise. We arrange on-site inspections where necessary and in consultation with the client, will come up with a solution.
  • Should a problem occur within the first few months after purchase, it is highly likely that it will be repaired or resolved with minimal fuss. However, after a few years of usage, we are obliged to ask the necessary standard questions and might decide to charge an amount commensurate to the extent of the required repair.
  • We do all repairs on an ex-factory basis. In other words, should you decide to take your furniture to Timbuktu, we can unfortunately not cover the transportation.
  • Upon delivery of your leather furniture, you will also receive a free sample of leather food, together with a guarantee which gives helpful advice on how to prolong the life of your item. We also recommend using fibre protection on all fabric items, but cannot guarantee. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not pick up stains with normal usage – life happens!
  • Wooden items are sealed but can be touched up with any reputable poly-wax sealant from time to time. We recommend Woodoc products.


  • If at any time a dispute occurs between Incanda and a client with regards to any deliverables of any nature, Incanda reserves the right to terminate the contract, without stating any reasons and will reimburse any monies received from the client, as well as any interest earned. There will be no further obligations between the two parties upon termination of the contract.


  • Returns will only be accepted on condition that there is a mutual agreement between Incanda and our customer on defects or problems and whether Incanda chooses not to replace or repair the product. All returns are handled on an ex-factory basis and will incur extra transport costs.